Batter up: Project Béisbol gives Colombian kids “a damn chance”

Teamwork. Discipline. Leadership. All qualities, according to Justin Halladay, that baseball can develop in kids eager to learn. Since 2008, his organization, Project Béisbol, has been transforming the lives children throughout Latin America. Currently shagging fly balls and rounding the bases in 42 communities and 10 ...

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash.

Brilliantly bullish on business in Bogotá

Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Impresarios. Toby de Lys and Tigre Haller are men of many hats. Originally from New York, the dynamic duo left their respective careers in architecture and risk management to resettle in the Colombian capital. In the 13 years since, they've thrown their energies into changing perceptions of ...

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Bogotá Bonsai

Chalk this one up to those things that you just come across when you're just out walking. A Saturday afternoon along the 9th, on the way to the Santa Ana mall for a stocking of the larders courtesy of our friends at Jumbo. The 9th - at least our section of it - is a rather nondescript road - one of the many Carreras ...