Fight Song

This month's writing exercise was to produce 400 words based on a song that asked a question. I received Patti Page's number-one novelty song, How Much is that Doggie in the Window? "I hate this fucking song," he said. "I know," she said. "I do, too." "Then why did you put it on again?" He knew why. It wasn't ...

A Titanic Challenge

My writing group meets monthly to hone our craft. This month's exercise was to write a short piece based on a picture of a Titanic survivor (at right), combined with a prompt (below) It was easy for us to hide in third class. Steerage, you called it. That large, slow-moving filth. You were in first class, so you ...

Old Havana

Three pictures from Old Havana

Cartagena (Delaney Turner)

Looking at Cartagena

This whole sabbatical thing means I have more time to futz with year-old photos. Here are some from ...

Cacao, Colombia, and the craft chocolate challenge

Sweetness follows? Colombia’s craft chocolate challenge

Colombia is making a name for itself in the rapidly growing craft chocolate market. The government sees cacao as a transition crop in the peace process. But while consumers benefit from tasty new treats, many farmers have yet to see an upside. Opening up to a new market opens them up to new challenges. Farmers will need ...

Traditional music accompanies visitors' trip to the Salt Cathedral at Zipaquirá, Colombia. Photo by Delaney Turner

Ten years of Transformación: An interview with Richard McColl

This is the first entry in my new series profiling the people who are transforming this oft-misunderstood country in new and exciting ways. After 10 years of calling Colombia home, Richard McColl knows there’s more to the country than Narcos and Romancing the Stone. As an author and journalist, he’s travelled ...